Renewable Energy

Since civilization man has met his energy needs one way or the other. Modern man has depended largely on fossil fuel which is non renewable and has been the major cause of greenhouse gas emissions thereby degrading the environment

Edka Energy is to spearhead the launch of a bio-fuel program for Nigeria which aims at creating a sustainable domestic industry by integrating the energy and agricultural sectors of the country. The rationale for the program, which is aimed at growing a thriving home grown industry includes; providing jobs and economic empowerment to rural communities, reducing Nigeria’s dependence on fossil fuels and protecting the environment while participating in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) program.

Edka Energy through the RED has initiated the Automotive Bio-fuel program for the production of fuel-ethanol and bio-diesel that would be blended with PMS (Premium Motor Spirit) otherwise known as Petrol and AGO (Automotive Gas Oil), in proportions not exceeding 10% volume. The resulting new fuel which is to be called “Green Gasoline” will reduce the volume of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, improve air quality and ultimately reduce global warming and its catastrophic consequences.

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