Product Distribution


Edka Energy receives crude oil from the NNPC unit called the National Petroleum Investments Management Services (NAPIMS).

We supplies the crude oil to the refineries and independent marketers.



  • Full company name, address, phone, fax, web site, e-mail of counter party, including name title and data of contact person.
  • Product description.
  • Product specification limits for use at destination market. [If applicable].
  • Quantity expressed in metric tons or barrels.
  • Delivery terms ( WE OFFER FOB TTT TTO AND CIF).
  • Delivery Port & Terminal, with Terminal Restrictions [if applicable not needed if FOB terms].
  • Delivery Period. (12/18/24/36 Months Etc) No Spot Transactions.
  • Pricing Methodology including reference product, reference location and pricing dates (i.e. Platts, Petroleum Argus, ICE futures related. Note that none of our suppliers transact on a fixed price basis! ).
  • Pricing Differential (proposed premium or discount. If discount, then discount must be stated).
  • Payment Terms (SBLC OR BG will be issued as full Guarantee with TT payment after inspection at loading port).
  • Bank Information. (Being Name And Location Only)
  • Passport Copies of all Directors.(CEO And Financial Director)
  • Company profile/formation copies of the company Tax/ENI number etc

Other Services

  • Transportation
  • Maritime Services